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Why Choose us

Radcon Foundation is a registered blockchain-based company and the world's first decentralised AI platform and marketplace.
Once the Radcon AI infrastructure is operational, governmental authorities, the military, megacorporations, and small mid-sized businesses can access a global network of AI algorithms and services.
Radcon is an open and decentralised network of AI services made accessible through the blockchain using Radcon tokens. AI developers publish their services to the Radcon network, where they can be purchased using RDN tokens.
The Radcon Foundation is ready to install a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure in Europe, which will allow European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU. The facility will have better efficiency and lower costs than the majority of facilities in the United States. Having our headquarters in Europe affords us the benefit of low-cost electricity and fast internet access.


We are ready to begin installing our HPC infrastructure at the Radcon Foundation, which will allow European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU. After completing the main build of our data center, we will begin installing our HPC infrastructure that is based in Europe, which will significantly bridge this gap. The facility will have better efficiency and lower costs than the majority of facilities in the United States. Having our headquarters in Europe affords us the benefit of low-cost electricity and fast internet access. As a result, we anticipate consuming around 40% less energy than others in the industry. With our capacity to expand, we anticipate quickly becoming the leading HPC center in the EU and in the top 10 worldwide.

Radcon Marketplace enables anyone to take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services and agent.
Radcon is a blockchain-based open and decentralised network that offers AI services. On the Radcon network, AI developers publish their services onto the Radcon network where they can be used by anyone with an internet connection.


Blockchain Technology

A blockchain operating system specifically for the public sector is being built by Radcon Foundation using its full stack of enterprise tools. Smart contracts, identity management, asset management, and process automation are employed in this government enterprise technology solution.
Governments can take advantage of the solution, which provides a private enterprise chain specifically designed for them. A user can be provided with different levels of access, ensuring the independent verification of transactions and operations in compliance with the relevant privacy standards while maintaining full security and accountability.

There are a number of complex and computationally intensive government data analysis tasks, including:

  1. Management of assets
  2. Use of smart contracts in the health care sector
  3. Elections
  4. The tax system
  5. Tracking the supply chain
  6. Registration of land
  7. Management of identities and automation of processes

In addition to enabling citizens, residents, and businesses to participate and manage their data via the blockchain, the governmental enterprise blockchain solution will securely protect data against hacking and fraud, facilitating government-citizen interactions and securing government infrastructure.

Integrated AI Platform

A wide range of AI services will be available for Governmental Authorities, Megacorporations, small and mid-sized businesses and professionals to purchase when our AI infrastructure is live.
A self-service portal in our data center will allow customers to select the resources and add-ons they require for their services. The software and hardware in our data center will facilitate this self-service portal with our platform. We will be able to handle complicated computing-intensive data analysis tasks.
Radcon will deliver complex data analysis tasks requiring computation intensive computing power through its platform, including:

  1. Autonomous vehicles
  2. The ability to recognize faces and voices
  3. Hospitals and medical facilities
  4. Medical Services
  5. Hiring and staffing
  6. Automating the sales process and generating leads.
  7. Virtual Assistants
  8. Using smart cities to reduce traffic congestion
  9. The control of borders and the creation of secure societies
  10. Automation of greenhouses in agriculture

Governments and public sector organizations can leverage the distributed ledger format to support a diverse range of applications, such as currency/payments, land registration, identity management, supply chain tracking, healthcare, corporate registration, taxation, voting (elections and proxy) and managing legal entities.



Radcon Foundation has partnered with IBM to build the Watson AI lab for healthcare, security, and finance research. The company offers an extensive catalog of ready-to-use products based on Watson, reducing your AI development and configuration needs.
Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, which will make AI services available to government agencies, megacorp and professionals, has been accepted for an EU Grant of €1.5 million through our joint venture partner IBM.
It also allows you to choose between on-premise and cloud deployment. Radcon and IBM is taking IBM Watson on another level by implementing new concepts.


Environment friendly data Centers

As part of our mission to improve efficiency and minimize power consumption in our ISO 14001:2015 data centers, our research and development team (R&D) is constantly working on improving the data center efficiencies and power consumption. Due to their relentless efforts, they have significantly reduced the power consumption of our existing hardware by 60% compared to the industry average.
Unlike other data centres, our data centre's AI hardware will be based on the same IP, making it ideal for the environment.


Innovation is a constant element of our business strategy, and we will utilize new technologies to grow in a secure manner. To achieve this goal, our leadership team must develop a comprehensive cyber risk strategy. We focus on balancing three essential components of the business strategy that covers security, vigilance, and resilience.

Platform to monitor vulnerabilities

Our Vulnerability Monitoring Platform is equipped with proven methodologies and military-grade standards.
By using a highly secure protocol that doesn't use IP or MAC addresses, the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform automatically discovers assets in the datacenter. It then compares their hardware and software components with 80 different data sources to provide real-time vulnerability alerts.
Our Data Center will use the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform to manage all network devices (physical or virtual) and we will install specially designed firewalls that do not make use of Internet Protocol (IP) or have MAC addresses registered to the network.


Play2Earn games and the Metaverse

In simple terms, Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds connected by social connections. Science fiction and futurism describe it as a rather unrealistic version of the Internet. A single, universal virtual world where users wear headsets that simulate and augment real-world experiences. The Metaverse is thus the intersection of persistent virtual space and virtually enhanced real life. Digital currencies as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) make this an independent virtual economy.
There has been rapid growth in both Play2Earn games and Metaverse in the past few years. An estimate by Bloomberg Intelligence for 2020 places the market's value at approximately $500 billion, with some experts predicting that it may soar to close to a trillion dollars in the coming years.
At the moment, Radcon Foundation is working on devising a next-generation platform design for Play2Earn Metaverse featuring state-of-the-art, eco-friendly HPC data centres. Our future Play2Earn platform will be included as part of their membership, Once purchased, they can be used to increase your rewards for staking Smart Ai tokens until the Metaverse is operational.
In addition to promoting our ecosystem as an official partner of the Metaverse and Play2Earn, we will actively allow other companies to use our infrastructure to power their requirements. Our ecosystem will be inviting a limited number of Metaverse and Play2Earn-owned companies to apply to become official partners. Doing so will enable them to take advantage of our infrastructure for their power needs. An HPC infrastructure platform that covers costs, speed, power consumption, and security such as ours is essential for addressing the numerous HPC challenges in the Metaverse.

AI in Election Campaign

Radcon Foundation and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission are working closely, the way political campaigns are run and changing the very nature of democracy. Data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way we do politics. AI and machine learning can be used to engage voters in election campaigns and help them be more informed about important political issues happening in the country. Based on statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms can automatically identify patterns in data. By analyzing the online behaviour of voters which includes their data consumption patterns, relationships, and social media patterns, unique psychographic and behavioural user profiles could be created. Targeted advertising campaigns could then be sent to each voter based on their individual psychology. This helps in persuading voters to vote for the party that meets their expectations.

AI can be used to gather information about the general voice of the voter. Using micro-targeting campaigns, it can help educate voters on various political issues and help them make up their minds about candidates. It can also be used to deliver information with respect to the interest areas of each voter. If a voter is interested in the country’s economic situation, an AI tool can be used to help the voter find out what each party has to say about this topic. This kind of personalization can help voters be more informed about each political party.


Annual Return
130% APY Fixed






For Example: If you start with a balance of 1000 RDN on day 1, after a year, your balance will grow to about 2278 RDN. That is the power of compound interest!

Staking (First Autostaking Platform Guaranteed 130% APY)

Staking is a core part of the Radcon Network. Users secure their investments within our protocol by staking their RDN, which helps maintain the long-term price stability of RDN.
Those who own the RDN tokens receive a pro-rata portion of our daily rebases in return for their financial support of the Radcon Network, along with governance rights about the protocol's development.

Taxes within our ecosystem is vital to maintain our high yielding fixed APY, while also creating a safe floor price level for RDN tokens. These Taxes encourages holding within the protocol to earn your yield rather than trading the token for value, for more information regarding trading taxes please see our whitepapers.

Anti Whale Tax

We have implemented a large tax within our ecosystem.
Our primary goal in developing the protocol was to generate a consistent and fixed return that would never increase or decrease regardless of the state of the market. With this in mind, we want to stop any significant whale selling orders, and by raising the sales tax, we'll be able to do both of those things while also enticing users to keep their RDN staked and earning 130% annually.

Anti whale tax

The burning of Radcon tokens

Radcon Foundation’s long-term vision is to create a token economy that is deflationary and which, among other things, limits the total supply of tokens. To accomplish this, tokens will be taken out of circulation and burned.
We will burn a certain percentage of tokens used to buy AI services through our IaaS platform at the end of each quarter when our IaaS platform is live, further lowering our circulation supply.

Token Structure

Token Supply
1.7 Billion
Accepted Currency
Soft Cap
13 Milion
Hard Cap
17 Milion
6.6 M 17 M Sale Raised Hard-caps 17 M
Buy Tokens
Total Token Sale
Seed Sale(Live)
Pre Sale(Live)
EU Grant Funds
1.5 Million Euro

Token Sale Stages

Private Sale
Start Date : Nov 10, 2022
End Date : Dec 15, 2022
RDN Token Price : $ 0.017
Total RDN
For Sale :
Investment :
$ 5000
Investment :
$ 75000
Completed Successfuly Raised 2.8 Million
Seed Sale
Start Date : Dec 20, 2022
End Date : To be confirm
RDN Token Price : $ 0.051
Total RDN
For Sale :
Investment :
$ 2000
Investment :
$ 75000
Buy Now Radcon Seed Sale Active Now
Pre Sale (Round 1)
Start Date : Dec 20, 2022
End Date : Jan 28, 2023
RDN Token Price : $ 0.051
Total RDN
For Sale :
Investment :
$ 100
Investment :
$ 75000
COMPLETED Radcon Pre Sale Completed
Pre Sale (Round 2)
Start Date : Jan 28, 2023
End Date : Feb 20, 2023
RDN Token Price : 0.1275
Total RDN
For Sale :
Investment :
$ 100
Investment :
$ 75000
Buy Now Radcon Pre Sale (Round 2) Live Now
Public Sale
Start Date : Feb 20, 2023
End Date : To be confirm
RDN Token Price : 0.1912
Total RDN
For Sale :
Investment :
$ 100
Investment :
$ 75000
Up-Coming Radcon Public Sale will be Live Soon


We are driven by a vision and goals to expand our project as much as possible in line with market demands, leveraging the best of technologies.

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There was a lot of interest in digital transformation prior to the epidemic. Since the pandemic is helping to automate many activities that affect the way we live, work, and communicate, this industry has seen a significant uptick in activity. Digital computer systems have aided in the rapid testing and production of effective vaccinations in the medical industry. The foundation of our future prosperity will be laid through ongoing investments in critical digital capacities and infrastructures, as well as by training and modernizing government-citizen interactions. The EU's leaders agreed that HPC, AI, data, cybersecurity, digital skills, and the digitization of the public and commercial sectors were the fundamental foundations for a thriving digital economy. The EU, on the other hand, appears to be falling behind. The level of investment required to effectively compete on a global stage has not been reached by individual member nations.

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Looking for AI Service?


If you have a need for a specific AI service, we would love to know! We will use this information to motivate the AI developers in our network to provide a solution for you and others like you. Please be aware that these discussions may take some time and may not lead to any concrete result.

If you allow us, we may contact you to discuss the details of your needs. Note that we will NOT reach out if you provide no details on your submission. We are aware that ideas around new services may have a sensitive nature. We will not share any of your project specific information without your consent.

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Lionel Lyster

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Stephen Wilson

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